About Me

Wait… you’re actually reading this? M…kay…

I hail from Fairfax, VA, just outside of Washington D.C.

Growing up, I loved performing – but was unsure about making it a career. While I stuffed that dream down… I taught ice hockey to kids during the day. But at night I still dreamed of being an actor… and chocolate cake.

I then toyed with a career in graphic design – studying the craft and working a bit in that field. However, my heart kept yearning to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

After realizing I couldn’t get a TV deal performing in front of the security cameras at my local bank, I packed up my Ford Taurus and cried my way to Los Angeles with dreams of being a TV star. 

Once in LA, I studied improv, sketch, and writing at the Groundlings Theatre. There, I got the fever for creating characters, writing comedy, and most importantly, met friends that would become my industry family to this day! It’s so important to have that circle of friends who support and root for each other through this challenging but incredibly fun and creative career we’ve chosen. It’s been 26+ years now in LA and I’m still crying. Kidding. I only cry sometimes.

Why Headshot photography? When the pandemic began, I found myself wanting to supplement my main business income. I’ve always been great at design, love actors, and taking pictures. I had built a self-tape studio with great lighting so started taking headshots for friends. I discovered I had a knack for it! So began the journey of studying headshot photography and gathering all equipment I would need to make a great headshot studio. With terrific feedback from clients and agents, I’m so excited to continue growing my client list.

Most important things you should know about me… I am a sincere, down to earth guy, I love making people laugh, I am obsessed with chocolate cake (I make my own from scratch), I love my fiancé (13 years engaged – We are trying to set a record), and I am a die-hard fan of the Washington Capitals. My fiancé won’t talk Hockey with me. So you are encouraged to bring up the topic.

Thanks for showing interest! If you are a stalker, or you’re trying to sell me an extended car warranty, please stop showing interest.